• Material Receiving
  • Material Inspection
  • Production
  • Production Inspection
  • Product Assembly
  • Semi-finished Product Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Packing Inspection
  • Warehousing
  • Pre-shipment Inspection

Complete Production & Quality Control

Quality Is Our Top Priority

At CYM, all products go through five inspection processes before they are released for shipment.

We can guarantee our products will meet the customer's specifications due to quality control procedures integrated into the production flow.

Raw materials are inspected before production to ensure the material quality meets the requirements of production.

Random inspections of raw materials are conducted throughout production to guarantee consistent quality during the entire production run.

Prior to assembly, bulk parts are inspected. Assembly will continue only with parts meeting a predetermined quality control criteria.

After assembly, a multi stage inspection is performed, assuring that the product functions properly and within customer specifications.

Before shipment, a final overall inspection is performed. This inspection covers both the product, packaging and shipping container where applicable.